Black Box Theatre

«Black Box Theatre» - is scaled-down model of a concert hall to demonstrate various stage equipment and technologies under real-life conditions and to hold seminars for professional visitors. 

Only at the Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia in the pavilion 4.1


The "Black Box Theatre" is a scaled-down model of a concert hall. Its special design with seatings, stage is most suitable for testing and demonstrations of the world brands of lighting equipment, consoles and controllers, projectors, truss systems and other equipment under real-life conditions. In addition, a series of exclusive seminars for tecnical specialists will be held inside the Black Box Theatre.

Programme Draft within the "Black Box Theatre" 2019


Work of a sound engineer with an orchestral group workshop – how to structure work with the orchestra and how to set the sound of each musical instrument for the organic sound of the whole team.

Workshop on template settings on the sound console - how to set stage equipment in as little time as possible.

Microphones and drums settings at the concert and in the studio workshop - how to arrange the microphones for high-quality sound of drums in the studio and at the concert. 

- Workshop for lighting desingers on the latest models of lighting equipment by the world-known brands leading manufacturers

A full list of events within the Black Box Theatre will be available online in August 2019