The Future of Audio and Music Technology

The summit, dedicated to the future of modern audio applications and new music technologies. The summit is supported by the International Association A3E (Advanced Audio + Application exchange)

September 14, Pavilion 4.2

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The Summit "The Future of Audio and Music Technologies" - is an open discussion between developers and programmers of music and audio technologies, audio professionals and musicians, manufacturers of music and audio technologies of the next generation. They will discuss and see the future of new music and audio applications & technologies. 

The Summit is supported by the International Association A3E (Advanced Audio + Application exchange). The Summit will provide world-class speakers, and forward-thinking topics in order to Exchange ideas, information & forge new relationships.

The program will include forward-thinking topics: 

  • EDM: The Future of Electronic Music & Live Performance
  • Incorporating Augmented Reality On Stage
  • Producing Music in the Video Game Era
  • New Technology for Creative Directors and Lighting Designers
  • The Art in Artificial Intelligence: The Science of Creative Tools
  • Mobile Apps for Concert Production & Live Performance
  • Wearable Music & Lighting Technology 
  • Contemporary Scoring and Sound Design