The Future of Audio and Music Technology

The summit, dedicated to the future of modern audio applications and new music technologies. The summit is supported by the International Association A3E (Advanced Audio + Application exchange)

Friday September 13th, Pavilion 4.2

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The Summit "The Future of Audio and Music Technologies" - is an open discussion between developers and programmers of music and audio technologies, audio professionals and musicians, manufacturers of music and audio technologies of the next generation. They will discuss and see the future of new music and audio applications & technologies. 

The Summit is supported by the International Association A3E (Advanced Audio + Application exchange). The Summit will provide world-class speakers, and forward-thinking topics in order to Exchange ideas, information & forge new relationships.

From heart-pound drama, to gaming and sports action, to comedy & science fiction, great music and sound design draws in your viewers and adds value to your streaming content. This A3E lecture will feature experts from Hollywood and Moscow who specialize in the soundtrack field, teaching the tools and techniques they recommend for creating exciting soundtracks for your content with little or no budget. This session will explore the creative process, and teach you how to design your own virtual instruments, and produce interactive media.

Doug DeAngelis Headshot1

Doug DeAngelis

BMI Award Winning Composer, Music Supervisor, and A3E Conference Chair

Vasiliy Filatov

Vasiliy Filatov

Founder, Sound Design Institute

Ilya Smelkov1

Ilya Smelkov

Sound designer, sound director

Gleb Rogozinky

Gleb Rogozinsky

Sound designer, programmer, associate Professor of interactive arts in Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television

With the emergence of YouTube stars and live streaming influencers, artists have shifted away from the traditional model of recorded music, favoring to showcase their talent and creativity across video streaming platforms. This A3E session will empower every independent artist with the latest software and hardware tools to enhance your workflow, grow your fan base, improve your musical ability, and elevate the quality of your content. Join Ultimate Guitar CEO, Mikhail Trutnev, and Intel’s Andrey Kudryavtsev, for an empowering workshop that will improve your creativity and production.

Doug DeAngelis Headshot1

Moderator: Doug DeAngelis

A3E Conference Chair

Mikhail Trutnev Headshot 1

Mikhail Trutnev

CEO, Ultimate Guitar


Andrey Kudryavtsev

SSD Solution Architect in HPC, Intel

AI is embedded in our daily lives, powering our smartphone assistants, social media feeds, GPS navigation, and our YouTube suggestions. But the term "artificial intelligence" feels very uncomfortable to most creative artists. How can something be both artificial, and artistic? How can machines be creative? This A3E session will focus on machine learning implementation, and the future of Artificial Intelligence in creative tools for audio production, lighting design, concert technology, new media, and art programming. 

Doug DeAngelis Headshot1

Moderator: Doug DeAngelis

A3E Conference Chair

Martins Popelis Headshot1

Martins Popelis

Co-Founder & VP of Product, Sonarworks

Igor Rekun Headshot

Igor Rekun

Head of Machine Learning, Dbrain

Vadim Epstein Headshot 2

Vadim Epstein

Founder and Creative Director, in[visible] studio

paul zgordan headshot

Paul Zgordan

Music Director, Mubert Inc.

Video game technology continues to raise the expectation of all entertainment for young consumers.  In order to bring interactive experiences to the concert stage, artists and show designers will look to augmented reality, real-time 3D rendering, futuristic laser lighting, and immersive audio to morph real world concert venues into scenes from the latest video games. A live immersive event is a critical component in the production of a successful show, exhibition stand, or museum exhibition. This A3E session will focus on incorporating the next generation of audio-visual technology and techniques for concert and festival production.   


Moderator: Marina Bagirova

Editor In Chief, Show Master Magazine

Evgeny Stepanov Photo 2 (DD Likes)1

Evgeny Stepanov

Development Director, Dreamlaser

Maxim Korotkov Headshot1

Maxim Korotkov

Partner of MAX \ MAX productions

nClear Photo 1

Ilya Tzvetkov (nClear)

EDM Artist, VFX and CG Specialist, and Producer

A3E’s Special Guest: DJ nClear will be DJing all day between the sessions to keep the room feeling great

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