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For the first time at the  exhibition, the A3E (Advanced Audio + Application exchange) association presents an interesting program dedicated to the future of modern audio applications and new music technologies.

A3E targets the following audiences:
1. Developers and programmers of music and audio technologies
2. Audio professionals and musicians
3. Manufacturers of music and audio technologies of the next generation.

The flagship A3E Event offers an ‘Exchange’ platform where the industry gathers to discuss and see the future of new music and audio applications & technologies. The A3E Event offers three dedicated tracks:
1. the A3E ADC™: Audio Developers Conference,
2. the A3E P2™: Production + Performance Conference, 
3. the A3E PMBS™: Product, Market, & Business Strategies Conference.
Each Conference offers dedicated educational and strategic content for each of A3E's core audiences. A3E's MasterMind Keynotes, Deep Dive Sessions & Architects of Audio Series provide world-class speakers, and forward-thinking topics in order to Exchange ideas, information & forge new relationships.

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Program of master classes

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
The future of game audio: music & sound design for next generation video games

Video game audio is critical in convincing your mind that you are immersed in a real three-dimensional environment. A3E presents a mastermind panel of technology developers, composers, and sound design artists to explore the future of gaming in virtual reality. Join A3E for an audio think tank on next generation video games.

Speaker: Andrey Sebrant, Director of Product Marketing at Yandex

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Theimmersive sound of virtual & augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality provides an amazing new landscape in sound for musicians and audio professionals. When the mind is truly immersed in a virtual environment, a traditional soundtrack can be counter-effective to the experience. Meet the experts in audio for VR and AR, and learn about the technology and creative process that will drive the future of immersive audio. 

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
The future of music production: analog meets AI & the world's most responsive digital

The art of electronic music brings together a wide spectrum of creativity and technology, from modular analog design, to experimental machine learning, and next generation digital technology. This session will feature presentations of the latest innovation to drive your electronic music production. Join A3E and Intel at the intersection where innovative analog meets AI, and the world’s most responsive solid-state drive technology.

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
The art of EDM: controllerism & production techniques

Technology innovation is reinventing the way artists produce and perform music. Touchscreen instruments, wearable technology, and new control surfaces are fueling the movement. This A3E session will explore the EDM production tools and techniques of four artists who are leading the way. Open your eyes to the future of music performance, and have an opportunity to meet the innovators.

Speakers of September 14th

Doug DeAngelis

Doug DeAngelis

Moderator/Conference Chair A3E

Александр Дмитриев1

Alexandr Dmitriev

Sound Director


Vasiliy "Basie" Filatov

CEO & Founder Sound Design Institute

Alexandr Vorobev 2

Alexandr Vorobyov

Sound Engineer & Designer


Gleb Rogosinsky

Sound Designer & Programmer Saint Petersburg State University

Elena Shotadze

Elena Shotadze

PR & Marketing Manager Fibrum

Speakers of September 15th

Doug DeAngelis

Doug DeAngelis

Moderator/Conference Chair A3E


Andrey Kudryavtsev

SSD Solution Architect in HPC Intel

Andrey Sebrant1

Andrey Sebrant

Director of Product Marketing Yandex

Dmitriy Shtatnovjpg

Dmitry Shtatnov


Kirill Trepakov1

Kirill Trepakov

Motovilo Modular

Andrey Ryzhkov1

Andrey Ryzhkov

Music Producer, DJ, Teacher, Sound Engineer, Journalist

Ilya Cvetkov1

Ilya Cvetkov


Oleg Serkin1

Oleg Serkin

Composer & Sound Designer Final Sketch

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