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The largest plant producing sound and light equipment has been opened in Russia

Jan 12, 2018


The largest business, sports and entertainment events of the country will now be provided with professional sound and lighting equipment manufactured in Russia.

In Moscow, December 25 opened a factory of professional sound and lighting equipment "Russian sound systems." This is the first such enterprise in the country that will replace the release of high-tech equipment for major events, including the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Previously, similar equipment was produced and purchased abroad.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov, who participates in the opening ceremony of the plant, noted that the company is ready to deep localization of production.

"It is important that in this segment we are striving for import substitution, for the first time we will be able to use domestic equipment in international large events that often take place in our country," he stressed.

The Russian plant "Russian sound systems" will produce linear arrays, sound systems, monitors, mobile sound sets for open and closed areas, lamps for the body and film studios, dimmers, switches, lifting mechanisms, rail systems. In the near future, the joint production of several top brands of the audio industry at Russian production facilities - the localization of production, as well as the production of musical instruments. In addition, the plant will have its own production line of elements (independence from external suppliers), that is, in the future it will become a full-cycle production in Russia.

The company has already established its own development, partner agreements were concluded with the American company McCauley Sound (sounded sports world championships and the Olympics) and European suppliers of components. The production is highly technological and computerized, while the unique work is done by hand assembly, the staff is 100 people.

The plant is equipped with its own design office, modern woodworking complex (CNC) with numerical control software of the latest generation, anechoic chamber for precision acoustic measurements, the newest digital systems for audio measurements and modeling. All automated processes are performed on high-end equipment, manual operations by qualified personnel with mandatory quality control. The construction of the plant was supervised by specialists from McCauley Sound, who will also attend the opening. The plans of the Russian plant - in addition to the Russian market, produce products for export (CIS, Eastern Europe).


Source: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation