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The power and quality of TAD

Jan 17, 2018

m2500mk2_2077 _.jpg

TAD represents the M2500MK2 power amplifier. To ensure maximum sound quality, completely balanced circuitry was used. The left and right amplification channels are completely electrically isolated, including transformers and power supplies, which eliminates interference interference and provides excellent channel separation. The amplifier works in class D, thus achieving good energy efficiency. At maximum load, its power consumption does not exceed 250 watts.

To get the highest possible sound quality, the developers have equipped the amplifier with a linear power supply. It uses large toroidal transformers with cores made of high-quality transformer steel with good magnetic properties. For power stabilization and filtering, high-speed, lead-free field effect transistors with low internal resistance and branded electrolytic capacitors with a capacity of 33,000 μF are used. The M2500MK2 amplifier can be turned into a bridge mode by turning it into a monoblock with a maximum output power of 500 watts.

The massive case of the amplifier is made of a single piece of aluminum with a starting mass of 90 kg, and the total mass of the amplifier is 43 kg. Such an uncompromising approach makes it possible to minimize the influence of vibrations coming from outside. In addition, this made it possible to additionally ground the electrical circuits to the housing, in order to reduce the level of interference. Special insulators with spike-shaped supports, dampen vibrations, transferring to the case from the rack on which the amplifier is mounted.

Model M2500MK2 is presented in two colors: with the top silver and bottom black sections, as well as a completely black version.