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Presentation of new linear arrays DAS Event-212A and DASaim technology

Mar 22, 2018

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From March 13 to 15, 2018 in the Turkish city of Alanya, an official presentation of the new Line 212A linear arrays and Event 121A subwoofers was held, as well as a demonstration of the theoretical and practical application of DASAim technology.

This annual event is held on the basis of the rolling-installation company Melomani in the Utopia World hotel and traditionally collects up to hundreds of DAS Audio distributors, as well as rental organizations and sound engineers from around the world. DAS engineers conducted several loud auditions on the open area, as well as a training seminar on the use of DASaim technology.


On loud listening, the comparative acoustic capabilities of three types of EVENT series - Event-208A, 210A and Event-212A were demonstrated.

The active 3-band Event-212A modules are equipped with two 12 "speakers, which operate in a 2-band configuration, which, when superposed, gives a deeper response in the low-frequency range from 60 Hz.

The new speakers have a built-in DSP module with a high-performance processor equipped with a FIR filter, which provides a linear phase response and an accurate impulse response. LCD display extends and simplifies the ability to customize. The Event-212A is equipped with a DAScontrol ™ interface that provides quick setup and negotiation for a large number of modules, including in line arrays with Event-218A and Event-121A subwoofers.

In combination with the new line array, new Event-121A subwoofers were demonstrated that provide unprecedented low frequency reproduction thanks to the 21 "neodymium dynamics of the 21LFN, featuring high sensitivity and performance, as well as a quality double suspension design.

The "cardioid preset" button simplifies the use of subsystems in cardioid configurations, configuring from two to three modules without the need for an external DSP.

The new linear arrays Event-212A are designed to provide high-quality sound coverage of large outdoor events, sports stadiums, as well as for stationary use in concert halls, theaters, etc.


On loud audition, the capabilities of DASaim technology were also demonstrated, with the example of its introduction into Aero-20A and Aero-40A systems.

The application of this technology takes the Aero-20A and 40A systems to a whole new level. "Thanks to the powerful DSP built into the amplifiers of each AERO system, no external multichannel processors are required to provide each cabinet with a FIR filter. This means greater simplicity, a significant reduction in labor and installation time, compared to other solutions on the market, "said Javier Navarro, Head of Engineering at DAS Audio.

With DASaim technology, you can achieve your desired goals in seconds:

- Controlled SPL level at a long distance: from a constant SPL to -6 dB for doubling the distance

- Even frequency response for the whole audience

- Digital control of the vertical array pattern in the listening area

- Reduce the SPL in areas that should be avoided, for example, on the stage or unused balconies

- Reduced design and installation time

- Improved clarity of sound

- The array has a more flexible configuration without the cost of external processors, processing amplifiers or additional cables

The new line arrays Event-212A will be presented at the LTM stand in Moscow on September 13-15 at the international exhibition Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia in Sokolniki.

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