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Interview with exhibitor. Syntez Audio

Feb 19, 2018


In preparation for the exhibition, the organizers interviewed the general director of Synthesis Audio Rogov Vladimir. Here is what the head of the company shared:

Tell us a little about your company - when was it founded? Company profile?
"The company Syntez Audio was founded in 2010. Its profile is wholesale and retail trade of music equipment and show technology."

In your opinion, what are the prospects for the development of the market of professional equipment for show business in Russia today? What difficulties will the domestic industry face in the near future?
"The prospects of the show business market are always wide, since this industry never stands still and every year new names of producers and new proposals appear among the leaders. Difficulties in the industry are expected to be directly proportional to the economic situation within the country. "

What is the uniqueness of your company? What solutions do you offer clients?
"The uniqueness of our company is that we carefully select suppliers, not allowing the appearance of poor-quality equipment, thereby preserving our face in the market, and we also maintain the policy of every possible support of our partners."

Why do you consider it important to participate in the Prolight + Sound NAMM?
"Participation in the Prolight + Sound NAMM exhibition is an opportunity to demonstrate their new equipment, gather in one place all colleagues, industry friends and partners, and find new ones."