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Interview with exhibitor. Proton Center

Jun 19, 2018


Roman Sizov, CEO of Proton-Center

Tell us a little about your company - when was it founded? Company profile?

The history of the company begins in 1989. There was a production structure dedicated to the development and manufacture of the lighting equipment and control systems for theaters, concert halls and clubs. Over the years, the range of activities has expanded significantly and, in addition to its own production, the company has engaged in the supply to the Russian market of light and sound equipment from the world's leading manufacturers of specialized equipment. The company "Proton-Center" for almost 30 years has been developing, manufacturing and assembling on the Russian market mechanical equipment, lighting, sound, video equipment. The project department of the company Proton is engaged in the preparation of technological solutions and budget documentation for a variety of cultural facilities and theatrical and entertainment enterprises.

In your opinion, what are the prospects for the development of the market of professional equipment for show business in Russia today? What difficulties will the domestic industry face in the near future?

The concept of "development" for Russia can be considered only with a certain degree of conventionality. Of course, there has been some progress in the field of equipment for show business, but rather, it's not about development, but about the stagnation of the market. True, this will not prevent a number of firms from increasing their sales, while others will reduce the marginality of business, and someone will have to think about reducing it altogether ... But with the current state of the Russian economy, and the world economy as a whole, everything goes quite logically. Nevertheless, we look to the future with optimism!

What is the uniqueness of your company? What solutions do you offer to clients?

The uniqueness of our approach lies in the ideology of our company and employees. The main goal of our activity is the development and improvement of cultural institutions with which we work. Thus, within the framework of any budget, we, relying on many years of experience, offer the most balanced solutions that allow solving any creative tasks of the Customer's team on any site. In addition, upon the completion of the work, we provide our clients with the maximum support, we advise them and fulfill all the guarantee obligations, thanks to which we establish close and fruitful cooperation and for many years we have successfully accompanied many facilities throughout Russia.

Why do you consider it's important to participate in the Prolight + Sound NAMM?

Participation in the exhibition Prolight + Sound NAMM allows us to demonstrate novelties of lighting and sound equipment, which we offer in the Russian market of theater and concert equipment. To introduce visitors to this very specialized exhibition with our interesting offers on switching connectors, cables and accessories.

But first of all this industrial exhibition is a platform for communication, on which it is possible to meet old friends and partners with whom we have been working together for thirty years in the field of professional stage equipment, to rejoice at the successes of colleagues, to start with someone, with someone to continue or resume joint cooperation. That's why we gladly accepted the offer for participation from the organizers of Prolight + Sound NAMM.