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Interview with exhibitor. SERAPID

Aug 20, 2019

SERAPID is a world leader in the supply of innovative linear movement equipment and solutions for theatres, auditoriums, conference centres, multipurpose venues and shows. SERAPID’s theatre technology centres around the patented LinkLift vertical lifting chain, now recognised as the leading technology for theatre lifts and the silent rigid horizontal chain used for scenery moves and special show effects.


Interview with  Mr LEDRAIT Benjamin, Sales manager - Theatre, SERAPID Group.

SERAPID exhibits at Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia already for many years. Tell us, please, what are the main values of participation in a trade fair for you? And how a foreign company holds leading positions on Russian market?

SERAPID has been a leading partner in Russian theatre for over 20 years, so our presence at Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia is essential. It allows us to exclusively introduce and highlight, key recent projects in Russia. For example, the 100% automated curved row seating system made in 2018 for Zaryadye Philharmonic Concert Hall in Moscow.

This trade fair gives us the opportunity to discuss current or developing projects, with potential clients from Russia.  It is important for SERAPID to have a presence here in order for us to be ‘visible’ and maintain our relationships with our customers. 


Stage equipment, kinetic architecture, hoisting and lifting devices – how often some new solutions in these fields appear? What equipment is more in-demand? And what equipment is specially produced after receiving order?

For more than 45 years, SERAPID has been designing and producing reliable mechanical systems of elevation and horizontal movement tailored to the needs of the entertainment and architectural industries.

Thanks to our technical know-how and our creative design, architects and integrators lean on our expertise for the transfer of loads. Every project is unique and often requires bespoke systems; all the SERAPID team is committed to meeting our client’s requirements, ensuring a suitable and reliable solution.

For several years, multifunctional venues are one of the major challenges for architects. Flexibility is becoming a standard in venues, that’s why SERAPID has designed new specific solutions. 


You have a lot of realized projects in Russia. Is there any project that you are especially proud of? And were there any unexpected difficulties? Do your Russian partners help a lot in solving them?

We have completed many projects in Russia and we are proud of them all, but as already discussed, the last Zaryadye park project, inside the philharmonic venue, was a big challenge for us and our partners. It was our first installation with this kind of solution and we are very proud that it took place in Russia. For all our projects, we work in collaboration in order to get a reliable and satisfactory result. We are not just a supplier who provides components to customers; we work as a ‘team’ with our customer. 


Who is your target visitor at Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia? Are you open to new business contacts, or participation is more aimed as meeting with strategic partners?

The Russia mainland is very large, so ideally we would wish to meet all our contacts in one place at one time, which is very efficient, meaning we can quickly share ideas, solutions and immediate answers. Secondly, we aim to build new relationships with new clients. 


Is participation in trade fair in Russia only a business case for your company or it’s also accompanied by culture program? Concert halls, theater – do you have time and opportunity to visit the platforms where your equipment is used with non-business purpose, but for pleasure?

Participating to Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia is also a great opportunity for SERAPID to physically see sites of current projects. For instance, in 2018, we visited some famous locations for potential projects which helps us to understand the client’s needs. 

SERAPID will be presented at booth А25 hall 4.