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Exhibitor interview. Robles Audio

Aug 2, 2019

ROBLES AUDIOis a brand of loudspeakers of Spanish manufacture, which since 2012 has been developed to this day, offering a real alternative based on the quality, the esthetic and the innovation, leaving aside the classic and established. We have a wide variety of solutions in sound systems for different applications. We work with the best materials, components of first quality and electronics Last generation, centralizing all production in the Iberian Peninsula. Due to the quality standard demanded by those responsible for the brand, in just 6 years we managed to achieve leadership in the facilities of the best locations on the Costa del Sol.

Joaquin Robles CEO2

Interview with Joaquin Carlos Moreno Robles, CEO of Robles Audio. 

Tell us some more about your company. Introduce yourself. Who founded it? And when?

Robles Audio is a brand of loudspeakers made in Spain, which since 2012 has been developing to this day, offering a real alternative based on quality, aesthetics and innovation, leaving aside the classic and established. Has been founded by me, Joaquin Robles.   

Robles Audio team is young and active. For the last several years you participated at BITAM Show (Madrid, Spain), Prolight + Sound (Frankfurt, Germany) and now coming to Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia. What targets do you have? And what audience are you oriented to? 

Indeed, we have a wonderful dynamic and active team. Our goal is to expand our brand worldwide and especially in the Russian nation, since my wife, who is one of the founders, is Russian.

All those professionals in the sector who seek different solutions, where the important thing is quality and good sound and not the brand, they are our audience.    


Many well-known world manufacturers of Pro Audio already established themselves on the Russian market, at the same time we have many talented and ambitious Russian manufacturers. What is so unique about your company products? What advantages do your line arrays and loudspeakers have?

First of all I would highlight our customer service and closeness to the professional. We are lovers of our sector and not mere sellers, and what we seek to grow our sector.

On the other hand, due to our experience in sound montages and sound systems, we constantly ask ourselves a question; How can we improve current systems and what real needs do professionals have?  

What is your forecast about professional audio systems development? What trends should we expect in nearest future?

The future is to continue digitizing, automating and facilitating all our work. Without a doubt, it will be the field of electronics that will experience the greatest development.    

Different models of your audio systems have animal names (shark, chameleon, bull). So what «animal» will you bring to Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia?

We are working on the new ‘’Scorpion’’ system. We hope that we can meet the deadlines and bring the prototype of this novel system.    

Why do you think it is important to exhibit at Prolight + Sound NAMM?

Because we love Russia and I think it is a good market with great possibilities and many well-prepared companies that could benefit from our products.    

Please visit Robles Audio's booth B20 in Hall 4.1. See you at Prolight + Sound NAMM!