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Intensive course "Stage lighting and light shows" from LiDS

Oct 6, 2017

Many tricks and trends of modern lighting design have their roots in theatrical and stage lighting, which is rightfully considered the foremost direction in the art of lighting. It is here that new types of lighting often appear and equipment that can implement them is tested. At the same time, the direction of stage lighting is considered to be the most difficult to master and the most closed to enter the profession. The reason is the lack of specialists and good education in this direction. The lighting design school of LiDS decided to fix this problem once and for all

The purpose of this two-day intensive course is to provide basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of stage and stage lighting to beginner lighting artists, as well as interior and architectural lighting designers who have decided to expand their arsenal of capabilities at the expense of the adjacent direction of light art.

The task of the course in the education of not artists, but lighting designers, who can not only create a harmonious concept, but also optimally implement it with equipment that is available here and now, as well as professionals responsible for the final result and able to quickly find a way out from any situation.

The authors and the leading intensities are the founders of the creative community CMY_art

Alexey Inkov - since 2001 lighting designer of concert and television programs, lighting artist of the Sochi Winter Theater, a certified teacher and a demanded trainer for lighting control systems.

Ivan Arkhalov - technical director of the company involved in providing mass events, master of technology and lighting technology.

A detailed portfolio of the creative community:

Location: Moscow, Luznetsaya nab. 2/4, p.8, office 401

Time: October 7-8, 2017 from 11:00 to 19:00

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The lighting design school LiDS allows you to get a full range of knowledge in the field of lighting design.

Education is based on the principle of free choice of topics of interest to you from the proposed list of disciplines. The school is equally suitable for both beginners and professionals in the field of lighting