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Interview with exhibitor. Gala Systems

Jul 6, 2018

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Tell us a few words about your company? Foundation, profile, products and solutions.
GALA Systems Inc. (GALA) is a leader since 1960 in the design and fabrication of electromechanical equipment for advanced industrial applications, material handling and scenic applications.  Gala is recognized for innovation through research and development in response to market needs throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
GALA started its operations in the cultural engineering sector in 1980 with rigging systems. The need for “No Caisson” applications on the market for Orchestra lifts drove the development of a compact lifting actuator.  The company’s two founders, Mr. Laforest and Mr. Gagnon, brought the Spiralift® to the market in 1989, after a year of research.  The Spiralift met the need for reconfiguration and performance lift within theatres where traditional methods could not be used due to insufficient pit depth.  It rapidly became the theater specialists’ privileged solution. Today GALA creates advanced, modular lift systems for multipurpose halls, theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, casinos and related venues.  

What are the perspectives, by your opinion, of professional show business market in Russia? What difficulties will the industry meet?
Like in other parts of the world, in Russia during the last years, we have been observing that planning, design and creation of performing arts venues are driven by flexibility. Flexibility and multifunctionality is the overall trend which allows the venues to most effectively serve their clients and secure their value for many years ahead.
In Russia, we see that efficient combination of corporate, social, educational, theatrical and private events in one multifunctional venue is becoming popular and generally accepted. We see this trend as having a big and longterm market potential.  

What's so unique about your company? What solutions are you offering to your customers?

Gala provides ideas, engineering, products and services that help consultants, architects, contractors and owners add value to their theatres and other auditoriums, with exemplary results. Through our offices in Canada, the U.S., Europe and China we are working with project planners and local contractors throughout the world.
With over 2000 projects installed in more than 70 countries (including over 30 Gala made-to-measure custom multifunctional spaces), where more than 20,000 Spiralift units are in operation, GALA’s expertise is uncontested for simple to complex under stage machinery applications.  GALA’s continuous growth is due not only to the success of the Spiralift, but to its unwavering effort to develop new concepts and equipment.

Why do you think it is important to participate in the fair?
To highlight Gala’s products to local integrators with whom we wish to work and promote our expertise to theatre consultants, operators and owners.