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Interview with exhibitor. Dealercenter

Oct 5, 2017


Pavel Spirin, General Director, LLC Dealercenter

Tell us a little about your company? When was it founded? What is the profile of the company?

The company Dealercenter recently celebrated its first anniversary - 10 years on the Russian market. Our profile is the distribution of professional sound and light equipment, and the uniqueness of our policy lies in the fact that we are exclusively engaged in distributing the products of represented brands exclusively through an extensive dealer network, as today it includes more than 2,000 dealers throughout the country. Unlike other distribution companies, Dealercenter does not participate in tenders or auctions and does not work with end customers, leaving it to our representatives on the ground.

How much, in your opinion, has the market of equipment for show business changed? What trends in the development of the industry do you observe?

Speaking about the PRO-Audio market, like in the case of such a market as PRO-Light, one can observe the same tendencies, namely the intervention of the Chinese product, which is already very much on the heels of the products of European manufacturers. The market of equipment for show business traditionally has a very high dynamics of development, and due to technical progress and growing production culture, the term "Chinese equipment" is no longer frightening for many.

What principles do you follow in the work of your company?

Decency and respect towards his partner, fair competition.

Why are you participating in the exhibition?

Our participation in the exhibition has two goals:

1. The opportunity to acquaint dealers with their brand portfolio, to tell about new products, share experiences, as well as attract new partners and support existing dealers.

2. Get information for yourself about the current state and trends of the market, including competitors.

In other words, "show yourself, let's look at others", so see you at our booth!