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4K projector Optoma UHD65 - a breakthrough into a new world

Oct 23, 2017


4K projector Optoma UHD65 - a breakthrough in the new world.

A video projector for home cinema with a resolution of 4K, HDR support, high contrast and light flux, a long life of a light source - such devices are produced quite a long time ago. But this is the first time in the budget price category.

Optoma - one of the largest producers of projection technology in the world, presents a new projector for home cinema UHD65, which is built on a DLP-matrix with a resolution of 2716 x 1528, and 4K image is formed from it using the proprietary XPR technology from Texas Instruments.

Unlike other technologies for projecting UHD images using the Full HD (1920 x 1080) matrix, and the picture on the screen consists of 4.15 million pixels, that is, half that of a 4K physical matrix, technology XPR forms a full-fledged UHD image of 8.3 million elements. In this case, the movements of the matrix occur at such a high speed that human vision is unable to notice it.

Another important advantage of the novelty is the increased lamp life. In the mode of maximum brightness 4000 hours, in economical - 10,000 hours, in dynamic - 15,000 hours. Of course, this is less than for modern laser phosphor projectors (20,000 hours), but their price is an order of magnitude higher.

The UHD65 projector supports HDR technology, moreover, it has a built-in SDR> HDR converter, so the picture will always be juicy and bright regardless of the type of content. And the use of a 6-segment color wheel (without a white segment) guarantees high color brightness.

The ability to work with Ultra HD Blu-ray players is supported by the HDCP 2.2 protocol on one of the two HDMI inputs.

The device is relatively small in size and weight (7.8 kg), and therefore does not require expensive brackets for ceiling mounting. And can be used for "mobile" movie sessions. For such cases, a built-in stereo sound path with a power of 2 x 4 W will be very useful.