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CTC Capital bacame a distributor of Audiovector

Nov 15, 2017


The company CTC CAPITAL announces the beginning of the distribution of Audiovector products. The acoustics of this brand will supplement the assortment of brands distributed by Hi-Fi and High End.
Audiovector is a Danish company specializing in the production of acoustic systems. It was founded in 1979 by the engineer Ole Klifot (Ole Klifoth). Since its inception, Audiovector's headquarters, engineering and production facilities have been located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This allows us to ensure consistently high quality products and a European level of service.

The main criterion of the quality of sounding Ole Clifot always considered perfect reproduction of live music, and one of the main instruments of evaluation - numerous test plays. From a scientific point of view, the developers formulated the main requirements for acoustics in the form of three basic concepts: linear dynamics, linear phase and minimum compression.

In modern Audiovector models, MF / LF dynamics created by the company's engineers and produced by the legendary Danish company ScakSpeak, which supplies the dynamics to many High End brands, are installed. For the reproduction of high frequencies are used as traditional speakers with a soft dome, and tape tweeters AMT (Hale emitters). They are installed in an open design to eliminate the effect of compression and the expansion of the sound stage (SEC technology).

The design takes into account the smallest details that can affect the sound, starting with the material of the voice coil framework and ending with the method of attaching the speakers to the case (NEC technology). Crossover details are selected with deviations from the nominal value of less than 1%, even the profile of the case and the design of the base of floor acoustics have a complex shape. This perfectionism extends not only to the High End model, but also to younger models of the Hi-Fi class.

The Audiovector line-up includes three series: QR, SR and R11. The QR series represents the basic set of technologies, SR allows you to get the full range of engineering solutions from Audiovector and more perfect sound, and super-acoustics R11 is the High End solution and demonstrates the reference level of quality and the most advanced technologies. The SR series includes 2-3 versions of each model, distinguished by a set of emitters and other structural elements. The Audiovector line-up also includes active Active Discreet acoustics, subwoofers and special low-profile speakers for wall mounting.

The key difference between Audiovector and its numerous competitors is the IUC update concept, which allows users to constantly update existing speakers by replacing speakers and crossover. Thus, they can be constantly improved in accordance with the current technological capabilities of the company. Moreover, modern passive models of the SR series can be turned into active models using the update procedure.

Individual approach is shown in terms of choice of finishes. Audiovector acoustics are available for ordering in various finishes with veneered lacquered or polished surfaces. You can also choose a color for painting the body, followed by a piano lacquer coating.

The lack of compromises in terms of sound quality, the possibility of updating the design and a personalized approach make Audiovector acoustics unique in its kind and are the key to the success of the company for many years.