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21 000 lumens of ultra-high definition: 4K projector Barco UDX-4K22

Oct 2, 2017


21 000 lumens of ultra-high definition: 4K projector Barco UDX-4K22

Barco presents a powerful installation projector Barco UDX-4K22, which has a resolution of 4K and an economical laser phosphor light source with a working life of more than 20 000 hours.

The novelty provides a light flux of 21 000 lm and is designed for installation in large halls and in open spaces. Theaters, concert halls, conference halls, exhibition constructions and open-air areas - Barco UDX-4K22 are applicable wherever it is necessary to get a large, high-quality and bright picture. The ability to work in 24/7 mode makes it a suitable solution for long shows and installations.

Three DLP chips with a resolution of 4K provide exceptionally detailed images, and the combination of a laser phosphor light source with high-quality video signal processing provides a color gamut corresponding to the requirements of HDTV Rec.709, which guarantees the highest image quality.

A powerful SSP (Single Step Processing) video processor operates with a minimum level of time delays. And with several Barco projectors, you can create panoramic views with seamless docking of multiple images.

Barco UDX-4K22 - it's a great experience and saving time during installation and delivery, and therefore a significant reduction in costs. The projector has a compact design and high brightness. It is equipped with a built-in cooling system and provides a reliable and incredibly clear 4K-image at events and in any type of premises.

A large resource of the light source and Constant Light Output technology, ensuring constant brightness and color reproduction throughout the life of the device.

With the unique FLEX² function, you can adjust the brightness and resolution for a particular demonstration and save the settings. Thus, you can cover a wider range of brightness and resolutions with fewer projectors.