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News CTC CAPITAL: AVID Diva II SP player - perfection in detail

Feb 1, 2018

AVID Diva II SP.jpg

One of the leading manufacturers of equipment for vinyl, the British company AVID, represents the vinyl player Diva II SP.

This model is an improved version of the well-proven Diva II player. Improvements have touched not only the appearance, but also touched upon the sound aspect - the music player has become even better, having approached the more expensive famous Volvere model.

An important innovation was a new aluminum working disk, a mass of 6.3 kilograms, installed instead of a disk of MDF, used in the old model. This solution allows even more to suppress parasitic vibrations, and the upper coating of the plug improves the adhesion of the plate to the disk. The hub of the support disc is cast from aluminum of variable density, and serves as a channel for removing vibrations from the tonearm holder and the main bearing, which reduces the color of the sound. To reduce friction, the player uses a special self-lubricating steel bearing with a base of a sapphire support bed. For better vibration isolation, the player supports elastic material - sorbotane, which does not degrade with time. In addition to the Diva II SP, an optional chassis with pre-drilled holes under the SMA tonearm is supplied.

Contrary to the trend of creating players with a simple DC motor, AVID still uses synchronous motors with high torque. The DSP Vari-Speed ​​power supply regenerates the mains voltage, and provides the desired disk speed by changing the frequency of the supply current. Improving the control of the rotation of the disc and reducing the noise of the motor is achieved through the use of a double belt drive. The model supports two speeds - 33.3 and 45 rpm.

It is also worth noting that the owners of the Diva II players can upgrade it to the Diva II SP version. Diva II is the only AVID model that does not require a motor replacement when upgraded to SP.