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CTC Capital presents: best technologies in a compact and modern package

Feb 6, 2018


Danish acoustic manufacturer Audiovector presents the model QR 3 - floor acoustic system from the budget line.

In this model of acoustics developers offer the best available technologies for today in a compact, perfectly crafted case. Audiovector QR 3 is designed to be used both in the stereo system and as front-mounted home theater speakers, in conjunction with other models of the QR range. To get a powerful, fundamental sound, the developers used a 2.5-band layout with two midrange / woofer speakers. These speakers are equipped with a three-layer sandwich-diffuser, combining aerospace aluminum and soft damping materials, as a result of which the diffuser operates in a piston mode without unnecessary calls and resonances. For confident operation at high volume, the bassists are equipped with a powerful dual magnet. As a high-frequency speaker selected advanced AMT-twitter, in fact, is a modified version of the tape radiator Hale, which significantly expands the frequency range of acoustics. The RF tweeter housing is manufactured with high precision from a single piece of aerospace aluminum, after which it undergoes glass blasting and anodizing in the Tungsten Titanium Gray color. The twig ribbon membrane is covered with an S-Stop filter - a gilded scattering grid that controls the sibilants.

As a result of the use of such speakers, the developers were able to get from such a compact acoustics frequency range 30Hz-45kHz that provides a fundamental bass and out-of-range high frequencies. High sensitivity of 90 dB and maximum power of 200 W allow you to sound both a small living room and large rooms.

One of the important features of acoustics developers call the appearance of the model QR 3. Particular attention is paid to high-quality processing of shells and their finishing, here are available three colors - Black Piano, Dark Walnut, White silk. The compact dimensions of the case (190x942x232 mm) and a beautiful appearance will allow to enter the QR 3 acoustic systems into interiors of various complexity.